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Renderboxes are creators of the finest, boutique workstations and render-nodes for use in 3D modelling, animation, simulations, visual effect specialists, colourists, digital artists, virtual production and content creators.

Our Process

Based in the UK we combine decades of experience in the creative I.T sectors alongside working with some of the world’s most respected digital artists. We deliver what we feel is the ultimate workstation and aftercare support package for solo creators up to enterprise class studios and facilities. Our ethos is simple – reliability, stability and serviceability. Solid performance is paramount and at Renderboxes we pride ourselves on a truly modular system that can expand and grow with you the user instead of restricting your creative flow with flawed hardware.



Renderboxes went from idea to reality.


The first Molecule was released with 7x Nvidia™ 1080Ti and dual Intel™ Xeon CPU's. This bridged the gap from enterprise server solutions to small studio, high count GPU availability.


The second Molecule revision was released with improved liquid cooling. Our first chassis was designed and manufactured with Nvidia™ 2080Ti GPU's and Intel™ Xeon Scalable CPU's.


The Nano and Atom ideas were conceived, how could we reinvent air cooling on dense GPU configurations whilst keeping the machine quiet and move away from the traditional desktop/workstation format.


The Nano and Atom were released. We achieved a world's first with the Nano workstation, we successfully decoupled the GPU from the motherboard to allow independent cooling of the GPU and allow super quiet, cool operation under 100% load whilst cooling the CPU separately. The Nano fast became our most popular machine and best seller.


The third revision of the Molecule was released and we moved exclusively to the AMD™ Threadripper Pro platform, 128 PCIe lanes, Enterprise grade ECC and NVMe Gen 4.0 as standard. Our new PCIe daughterboard was released for the Nano and we achieved unseen before GPU performance, stability and reliability. Our client list grew x10 and we now provided and supported some of the most influential 3D artists and studios on the planet.


The Nano and Molecule (Liquid) reached revision 4 and our newest creation the Molecule AIR entering final production stage. An 8x Nvidia™ GPU solution in a rugged and highly serviceable new form factor designed in conjunction with award winning DOP 'Brett Danton' and global media agency 'WPP™'.
Renderboxes enters the incredible virtual production arena.


I love my Renderbox!

It's a real privilege of my job to work with craftsmen like them.

- Perry Nightingale

'It's in the name, “Renderbox”, it's taken hours off render times and often rendered scenes that other machines have failed to render'

- Brett Danton


The machine I received from Renderboxes has made me a better Artist. Their continued support and understanding of the industries needs are unmatched. I would highly recommend their services no matter the size of your operation


“The ultimate power possibilities in an unprecedented cool (literally too) housing. These are the best builds you can get these days, we have several Renderboxes and they are bulletproof. Love it.”
They provided great advice in choosing the right build to suit our needs, worked well with our in-house IT teams to meet internal specifications and the machines were built quickly and delivered promptly. 

Andrey Lebrov

At Surface Digital we create art for games. Our work can vary heavily from motion graphics to 3D game engines to high end rendering. After scouring the internet and looking at so many different providers, I was left with the option of custom building our own rigs until a friend sent me a link to Renderboxes. The Nano workstation that I bought has been an amazing investment. It not only looks incredible but it powers through my extremely demanding workload.

Surface Digital

We’re so glad that we went ahead and got the Nano, it’s an impressive build and has made a significant improvement to our existing Render-farm. We’ll definitely go back to Renderboxes for more when we need greater rendering capacity. The service overall by Rich and his team is excellent, they’re very responsive and always take the time to understand our specific needs so they can recommend the most suitable machine.

XK Studio

Renderboxes made it possible for us to expand our render farm in the midst of the pandemic, with global shortages of pretty much everything. Rich and his team built two RTX based Nano's, which allowed us to deliver our jobs on time. Both machines became a reliable rendering and simulation solution for our day-to-day work.

MNFST Studio

An incredible build with considerations for design and practicality. Nano Renderboxes are perfect for both the studio environment and post pandemic home setup - allowing me to iterate through simulations, visuals and renders quickly and reliably with GPU slots to spare!

Analog Studio

“We approached Renderboxes to assist us in migrating our Cinema 4D setup from a MacOS environment over to Windows and Richard and his team couldn’t have been more helpful. They provided great advice in choosing the right build to suit our needs, worked well with our in-house IT teams to meet internal specifications and the machines were built quickly and delivered promptly. They have always been on hand if we had a question or needed some assistance.”


This was the first water cooled machine we had used for octane render, we have been very happy with our machines, they have been very stable and get great octane bench. Renderboxes have great knowledge in GPU solutions and are reliable and friendly if you have any issues.

LightField London

I have always been a Mac boy. But as my work got more and more complex and the need for GPU power couldn’t be ignored any further I was lucky enough to be introduced to Renderboxes. They have revolutionised my workflow and the speed I can crank out work. Especially as I want to enter the animation realm for more projects. Excellent service, troubleshooting and overall support. Rich and his team besides being ultimate render power wizards they are a great group of people eager to assist digital a


The Nano is an incredible machine backed up by the reassuringly personal customer service provided by renderboxes. It took our 2 Nanos all of two minutes to become the new beating heart of our studio setup.

Tomorrow Bureau

Renderboxes provided us with excellent consulting and built our current next generation RTX GPU render farm. The system is performing flawlessly since we turned it on. We are very impressed by the speed and performance. The renderfarm has definitely set a new milestone for our workflow and the projects we’re working on.

Builders Club

I’d like to say a big thanks for the beautiful machine and all the hard work that went in to getting it ready in time for me to complete my last project. It turns out that I wouldn’t have been able to finish the project without the new machine as render times were insane – even with the beas


We had our entire suite updated to Renderboxes machine’s from our aging Mac Pro’s. They provided a full consultation into how we could achieve this quickly and efficiently for a team of ten designers along with three render-nodes. They have provided unparalleled support and aftercare and we couldn’t recommend them enough.

Bomper Studio


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